1. Registration(the issued card remains valid for 12 months) – 12.00 zlotys (article 1.4.1. of the Library Rules)
  2. Fine for delay in return of books – 0.30 zlotys per day (article 3.2. of the Library Rules)
  3. Fees for reminders – accordant with the price list of Poczta Polska (Polish public postal service). It is a fee for sending by post a letter calling to returning the Library's materials. (article 4.1. of the Library Rules)
  4. Fees for queries – 30 zlotys/hour. Members of the Poznań Society of Friends of Sciences are charged 7.50 zlotys for the first 5 hours (article 6.3. of the Library Rules)



  • Readers may commission us to  make copies, printouts from microfilms, scans (both coloured and black & white) and color photographs using our digital camera. Orders are processed  after filling in a special form in the reading room. The date of completing the service is also given there.
  • Scans and photographs are stored as rough versions, which means that no processing of a scanned document (like background’s clearing, adding contrast, etc.) is carried out.
  • The scanned pictures are recorded on a CD in JPG or in TIF format.
  • If a reader does not possess any CD – we use ours to make a record. Then, while receiving the recorded documents the reader is obliged to pay for the used media. The CD’s price is 1.50 zlotys.


I. General rules

1. A reader has to inform a librarian for what purposes the copies, printouts from microfilms, scans or digital photographs are needed.

  • If copies will be used for scientific work, for example for writing theses, dissertations etc. or for some educational purpose – like illustrating books or articles – an extra charge of 10 zlotys for every copied object is not collected.
  • However, if they are meant to be used for commercial purposes – for example by a publishing company, for a museum’s exhibition or for further copying – an extra fee of 10 zlotys will be made and the invoice issued by the Poznań Society of Friends of Sciences will contain information about permission to use the copied material once by a specified publishing house (additionally: we ask for providing information that our collections have been used and for donating one copy to the Library).

2. Photographs may be taken with one’s own digital camera– of the publications in good condition published between 1801 and 1945 (except the special collections!) – with a librarian’s consent – at no cost with the use of a private digital camera inside the reading room.

3. Special Collections’ reprography:

Only digital photographs of the special collections shall be taken. In some cases an authorized person can be granted permission for making several copies or scans but only of the publications that are in good condition. A permission for taking photographs of the Special Collections with one’s own digital camera can be granted by the Director of the Special Collections or another person – authorized by him/her. Photographing Special Collections or ordering the Library to photograph them costs 15 zlotys (7.50 zloty for the Society’s members).


II. Price list

1. Fees for scanning and photographing for educational and scientific purposes -like master theses, dissertations, illustrations for scientific books etc. (all prices are given in PLN – Polish zloty):



Repayment1 for members of the Poznań Society of Friends of Sciences

Repayment1 for others

Xerox copies


digital photos

Xerox copies


digital photos

  Works of art

30 zł

60 zł

  The Special

1,50 zł3

2,50 zł4

7,50 zł

3 zł3

5 zł4

15 zł

 Volumes between
 1801 and 1945

0,50 zł2

1,50 zł4

3,50 zł

1 zł2

3 zł4

7 zł

 after 1945

0,15 zł2

0,75 zł4

2,50 zł

0,30 zł2

1,50 zł4

5 zł


1 Gross price.
2 When the material is in good condition.
3 Only in exceptional cases, until 10 copies, if the volumes are well-preserved volumes.
4 We scan objects only up to the A3 size and 64 pages, well-preserved.


2. Printouts from microfilms of A4 size :

  • black and white  – 1 zloty,
  • coloured             – 2 zlotys.

3. Fees for scanning and photographing for commercial purposes, like publishing, exhibitions etc.:

In addition to the fee mentioned in the first part – every copy will be charged with 10 zlotys for the Society’s consent for using the reproduction in a specific publication or at an exhibition.
The information about such consent will be included in the invoice issued by the Society and placed at the bottom of the bill.
An institution which orders reproduction is obliged to provide information in the publication or at the exhibition that the reproductions presented come from the Library of the Poznań Society of Friends of Sciences and donate to the Library 1 copy of the work in which they were used at no cost.
NOTICE: there is a possibility of invoicing the service done. Invoices are issued by the Society’s accountant, at the earliest the next day. The Tax Identification Number (in the case of institutions), its name and address must be given in this case.
In some cases an institution might be exempted from the 10 zlotys of fee for the distribution rights- if, for example, an educational or cultural institution (TV station, a magazine’s editorial board etc.) applies to the Director of the Library of the Poznań Society of Friends of Sciences with a letter (a request) which proves that fee exemption is motivated by the use of the material  for educational programs etc.

Poznań, 4.08.2016 r.