We kindly ask all readers (especially research workers of Poznań universities and colleges, members of various scientific and regional societies, students) to actively participate in creating thematic collections of the Library of the Poznań Society of Friends of Sciences according to:

•     Ancient history

•     Linguistic anthropology

•     History and culture of Great Poland

•     Legal issues of culture

We would like to meet the needs of young researchers who work in these fields and esnure them, within the framework of the grant given for this purpose in 2014 from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, access to the latest scientific publications - Polish and foreign which refer to the mentioned above areas of study. Any titles which you find important and necessary for our collections should be submited via "Suggest a purchase" on our website or directly by e-mail:

All requestsshall be analyzed in accordance with usefulness, accessibility, prices and then the decision about the purchase will be made.

We hope you will help us to complete this project.