A perfect library

Paraphrasing a popular slogan of Ministerial Programme we should define our Library as perfect. Except the standard library’s activity we ensure many facilities and attractions which make our institution special not only among libraries of Poznań.

The yard of the building of the the Library of the Poznań Society of Friends of Sciences at Mielżyński Street is one of the most picturesque and poetic places in Poznań. Among trees, avenues and hedgerows there are historical facades, a statue of Adam Mickiewicz, old plaques and, so called, spolia (old architectural elements).

People who would like to relax with a cup of coffee, a piece of sweet pie or with a glass of wine are welcomed to visit the Friends’ Café (Polish: Kawiarnia u Przyjaciół) located next to the Library. During spring and summer its tables are placed outside, in the Library’s yard.

Home page of the Friends’ Café    

Without leaving the Society’s and Library’s building it is possible to watch all performances prepared by the Friends’ Theatre. This institution attracting people of various professions and tempers is famous of avant-garde performances, like Schulz’s “Spring” (Polish: Wiosna), Witkacy’s Fall (Polish: Jesień) or Maschine Concert (Polish: Koncert Maszyn).

Home page of the Friends’ Theatre

Right next to the Library’s entrance there is the PWN Bookstore (Polish: Księgarnia PWN). In its spacious monumental interior there is presented rich publishing offer, mainly of humanities, in Polish and also in foreign languages.

Summarizing, it is worth mentioning that the stylish monumental Library’s interior and contiguous rooms of the Society are decorated with many works of art originating from the 16th till the 20th centuries and belonging to the Society’s holdings (about the history of the artistic collections of the Society one can read after clicking the link "the Poznań Society of Friends of Arts"). During the modernization the Library’s rooms are going to be enriched with more objects which will make them look like a museum.