We lend outside Polish and foreign books published after 1945 (except some rare, richly illustrated books, dictionaries, encyclopedias and basic compendia of various fields of knowledge) for 1 month (there is a possibility of prolonging the lent books twice).


According to the amount of volumes, we lend:

- 5 books (in 10 volumes in case of multivolume publications)

- 3 books (in 5 volumes in case of multivolume publications) - students of secondary schools.

- 10 books (in 20 volumes in case of multivolume publications) – members of our Society. 


Since the 1st of July 2010 in the Library of the Poznań Society of Friends of Sciences has worked new service which enables ordering books via on-line catalogue: http://ptpn-hip.pfsl.poznan.pl/. This service is available to readers whose electronic Card and reader's account are active. Persons who do not fulfill these conditions are kindly asked to contact the Lending Library. Ordered to be borrowed outside might be only the publications with ""ZAMÓW" ["ORDER"] option in the online catalogue.