The project financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland is strictly connected to the strategy of functioning of the Society which runs an accessible to the public scientific library, which supports improving the level of science and studies and facilitates self-education. Digitization of collections plays an important role in improving knowledge of information technology among the society. Moreover, it supports protection of the library's collections which are fundamental for preserving Polish cultural heritage. By digitization there are created repositories destined to be used by public and, simultaneously, the originals are preserved for future generations.

The accomplishment of the project in 2014 enabled the Library to purchase a specialized non-contact scanner and to start the digitization of especially precious objects of our collections. Therefore, some unique old prints from the 15th and 16th centuries and manuscripts have been selected to be digitized. By unique we mean: not recorded by any digital library or having some special unique bookplates (on the bookbinding, in the description of provenance, in gloss) - f.ex. of Albrecht Durer, Hjerinn sind begriffen vier Bücher von menschlicher Proportion (Nuremberg 1528), Postylla of Mikołaj Rej (Cracow 1560) or manuscripts of the princes Sułkowscy. The digital reprints of these works are going to be accessible to a large group of recipients, not only in accordance with the content but also with the individual characteristics of each copy.

The digitized objects are going to be available in the Internet, in the Digital Library of Wielkopolska and also via the Digital Libraries Federation and EUROPEANA.

On request of our readers who use our collections in the seat of the Poznań Society of Friends of Sciences, all digital reprints are also available in our Library, in the computers.

The patronage of the project include: VP S.A. Oddział w Poznaniu oraz Wielkopolska Telewizja Kablowa Sp. z o.o.